”Government reports indicate the number of power outages doubles every five years. That works out to an 8-fold increase in power outages compared to just 20-years ago.
The need for a standby generator only increases with time.”

There are two basic types of home generators – Manual and Standby. In a manual system, you must be home to start the generator and transfer power to the manual generator. If your generator is a portable, you may also have to run extension cords to the generator – which means unplugging the appliance from the wall and connecting it to an extension cord.

A standby generator can bring a sense of safety and security to a home or business by bringing light, power for appliances, network operations, and temperature control. When utility power fails, a standby generator restores power to all connected circuits within as little as 10 seconds. Likewise, when utility power is finally restored, the generator automatically transfers power back to the utility as it begins to power down the generator.

Everything is automatic. All you need do is operate business as usual and enjoy life without interruption.