Product Comparison: Cummins Air-Cooled Generators and its Top Competitor

This article will focus on comparing Cummins air-cooled generators with its top competitor, Generac. Homeowners shopping for home standby power will discover several brands including offerings from Cummins, Generac, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton.

Generac’s extensive advertising campaigns have succeeded in creating brand awareness among many homeowners.

Image of air-cooled generator offerings from Cummins Power Generation and Generac.

Cummins is well known as an engine manufacturer for trucks, trains, marine, and generator engines. In fact, Cummins Power Generation is a world leader in commercial-grade power generation equipment.

Generac and Cummins offers homeowners an affordable solution to standby power with its line of air-cooled standby generator products. Both manufacturers offer similar engines and generator performance is identical. Pricing is so close, it’s a non-issue.

However, there are a few not so subtle differences in product specifications that should raise an eyebrow or two. Let’s take a look.

Generac offers air-cooled standby generators from 7.5-26kW while Cummins offers three air-cooled models rated at 13, 17, and 20kW. Let’s explore differences found in the specifications for each manufacturer so consumers can make an informed decision on standby power.

Spec Differences - Cummins vs Generac Air-Cooled

Chart showing specification differences between Cummins Air Cooled Generators and Generac.

While Generac and Cummins use an engine of similar size, 999cc, 2-Cylinder, here are a few notable differences:

  • Unit Weight – Note the Cummins RS20A is 143 pounds heavier than Generac.
  • Sound Level – While close, Cummins is quieter and, in fact, is the quietest air-cooled generator on the market.
  • Fuel Consumption – Cummins is 15% more fuel efficient than Generac.
  • Wind Rating – The Cummins air-cooled lineup is built to sustain 180 mph winds. Generac’s wind rating is 150 mph.
  • Certifications – While Generac and Cummins are UL2200 and NFPA 37 certified, Cummins is also EPA-Certified and CSA Certified, which explains Cummins better fuel efficiencies.
We rate and rank air-cooled standby generators like this Cummins RS20A.

More Reasons to Choose Cummins

Each of the above is reason enough to choose Cummins. Here are five more reasons to choose Cummins:

  1. Robust Design: The Cummins RS20A performs flawlessly out of the box down to 0°F. While the optional Cold Weather Kit is not required for Memphis-area homeowners, the kit enables generator starting down to -40°F.
  2. Built-In Load Management Capabilities enable the management of up to four high power consumers like air conditioners, the kitchen oven, clothes dryer, and electric water heaters.
  3. Flexible Exercise Routines means your Cummins generator can be programmed to automatically perform self-tests and diagnostics on a weekly or monthly basis. We recommend monthly exercises to save on fuel and engine wear and tear.
  4. Remote Monitoring enables homeowners to view generator status changes from a smartphone or tablet at no additional monthly or annual cost.
  5. Cummins Reliability delivers Peace of Mind to homeowners. Since becoming a dealer for Cummins more than a decade ago, we’ve seen far fewer breakdowns from Cummins and that makes for happy customers.

Benchmark Electric is proud to represent generators from Cummins Power Generation. The Cummins RS20A can provide a Whole House Solution for homes up to 2000 square feet and Managed Whole House Coverage for homes up to 3000 square feet.

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