Standby generator turnkey installations promise you will never lose power, even when the electrical power grid is down in your neighborhood. As a result, your food remains fresh, light circuits work along with PCs and TVs, and your HVAC system keeps your family comfortable.

So, standby generator turnkey installations deliver Peace of Mind throughout any utility grid failure.

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Specializing in Residential & Commercial Standby Generator Turnkey Installations

Benchmark Electric is a Cordova, Tennessee based licensed electrical contractor founded in 2004 by David Richey. Over the years, the firm has evolved from routine electrical wiring services to being a go-to source for standby generator turnkey installations.

As a result, Mid-South homeowners and commercial businesses rely on Benchmark Electric for turnkey installation solutions using power generation equipment from Cummins Power Generation - a world leader in power generation equipment.

backup Power from the world leader in standby generators

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David Richey, President of Benchmark Electric, explains:

“Our business model is focused on being a one-stop-shop delivering quality standby generator installations. Because every installation is turnkey, customers deal with one contractor instead of multiple contractors. And, we're using quiet, reliable, and durable equipment featuring the Cummins brand.

"Cummins has been in the power business for over 100 years and today is a global leader in power generation equipment. Benchmark Electric partnered with Cummins because it is the one brand delivering made in USA quality, reliability, and durability; and at a competitive price point when compared to other popular brands.

"As a result, we see far fewer breakdowns and service calls with Cummins generators and that makes for happy customers.”

A Team of Standby Generator Experts

Since 2004, Benchmark Electric has been helping contractors and property owners with backup standby generator turnkey installations, plus typical residential and commercial electrical wiring needs.

Committed to quality customer service, our team comprises trained and certified technicians. As a result, you can expect nothing less than safe and professional work.

More about us at Benchmark Electric. Image of generator service technician performing routine generator maintenance on a Cummins diesel generator.

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We are more than happy to be of service and answer your questions and concerns.

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