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Residential lighting, including under-cabinet and recessed can fixtures are a popular upgrade for many homeowners. The trend today is energy-efficient LED light fixtures as prices have dropped. LED is quite the fashion with landscape and other exterior lighting too. We can help design and recommend durable fixtures perfect for your home and landscape. If you already have fixtures selected, our expert technicians will deliver a clean, pleasing installation. Call us today for a free estimate on any installation or for repairs on existing lighting.

Commercial Lighting

Landscape Lighting Installers

3-Phase Lighting and Troubleshooting

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Benchmark Electric serves Memphis-area industry and government buildings. Our customers include DHL / Exel Logistics, Chick-fil-a, Shelby County Sheriff, Shelby County Schools and Fire Department, the City of Bartlett, and other towns and communities.

Our technicians are experienced with single- and three-phase wiring and lighting systems. We also install and service motion-activated warehouse lighting, emergency exit lighting, exterior wall packs and parking lot lighting.  

Memphis warehouses using Metal Halides consume twice the energy of fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent warehouse lighting is also brighter than metal halides.

LED lighting costs have dropped significantly and is now competitive with some fluorescent fixtures. Conversion to LED or fluorescent will enhance interior lighting and provide a safer work environment while lowering operating costs significantly. The other bonus is lower replacement costs for ballasts and tubes.  

Call us today to service your existing building or parking lot lighting, or explore costs and paybacks for a lighting upgrade.

We will be happy to offer a free assessment, quote, and payback schedule based on current operating hours.

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