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We're an Authorized Dealer Across All the Major Brands

Benchmark Electric is an authorized sales and service dealer across all major US manufacturers. What that means to you is we can perform factory authorized warranty repairs.

Our techs attend initial training and recurrent training at Generac Generators, Kohler Generators, and at Cummins.

Our technicians are among the best-trained and most experienced generator technicians in the Mid-South.

Training is great but good hands-on experience is even better. And our technicians have plenty of experience when it comes to generator installations, generator service, and generator troubleshooting and repairs. 


Generator Shop Cordova TN - Generator Service

Expert Generator Service

  • Annual Generator Service

  • We Service Most Generator Manufacturers

  • Generac Generator Service

  • Kohler Generator Service

  • Cummins Generator Service


Just like your car, a home standby generator requires periodic routine generator service. Manufacturers recommend major service annually. The routine typically includes an oil change, new oil and air filters, a new set of spark plugs.

Annual Generator Service

The annual generator service routine typically includes a fresh oil change, a new oil filter and air filter, and new spark plugs. The service is complete after a 1-hour generator run test under house load.

Benchmark Electric's technicians are well schooled in generator installation, service, and repair from a variety of manufacturers. 

Combine the training with experience and you have a technician with an uncanny

Generator Shop - Cordova TN - Generator Service

ability to troubleshoot a problem with any standby generator.

In short order!

We Service Most Generator Manufacturers

Benchmark Electric has access to service parts from Cummins, Kohler, and Generac Power Systems.

We also offer routine annual service for other home standby generator brands including Briggs and Stratton Generators, GE Generators, and Honeywell Generators, which happens to be manufactured by Generac.

Generac Generator Service

Benchmark Electric has been a Generac dealer since our humble beginnings in 2004. We install and service the full line of Generac Home Standby Generators.

Schedule your Generac Service when you call Benchmark Electric!

Kohler Generator Service

We picked up the Kohler line of standby generators in 2012. Our skilled technicians install and service the complete residential & commercial line of home standby generators from Kohler Power Systems.

Call us today to schedule annual generator service for your Kohler generator.

Cummins Generator Service

Benchmark Electric is a top-selling dealer for Cummins Power Generation residential, commercial, and industrial generators.

Call Benchmark Electric when you need routine generator service for any Cummins standby generator.

Generator Repairs - All Major Brands

  • Generator Monitoring

  • We Repair Most Generator Brands

  • Generac Generator Repairs

  • Kohler Generator Repairs

  • Cummins Generator Repairs

It's truly unfortunate to find yourself without utility or generator power due to a dead battery, bad battery charger, or other generator repairs.

The best way to avoid the above situation is to install a generator monitoring device.

Generator Monitoring

Generator monitoring provides immediate notifications when the generator starts, stops or maintenance alerts.

Most manufacturers offer a local wired or wireless remote monitor. A "Green" LED light indicates all is well with the generator. A "Yellow or Red" LED indicates a problem. Some systems include a Text Display Message which provides a clue to the problem.

Other monitoring devices use Cellular or an Internet connection to send Email or Text Alerts when the generator starts, stops or issues a maintenance alert.

Cummins has a free SmartPhone App for monitoring its air-cooled line of standby generators.


Generator monitoring enables the homeowner to contact us immediately following a Maintenance Alert. In most cases, we receive the same email alerts, enabling us to monitor your generator from our office. When an issue is detected, we will schedule a service call to troubleshoot the problem before the next outage.

Be sure to ask about Generator Monitoring when you call.

We Repair Most Generator Brands

Benchmark Electric has access to repair parts from Cummins Power Generation, Kohler Power Systems, and Generac.

We also offer generator repairs for Briggs and Stratton Generators, GE generators, and other brands.

Generac Generator Repairs

As an authorized dealer for Generac, Benchmark Electric performs generator repairs for the complete line of generators from Generac Power Sytems.

If your Generac home standby generator is still under warranty covering parts and labor, we'll take care of the generator repairs and send the bill to Generac. No muss, no fuss. Call Benchmark Electric today to schedule Generac generator repairs.

Kohler Generator Repairs

Benchmark Electric handles warranty repairs and out-of-warranty repairs for the complete residential & commercial line of generators from Kohler Power Systems.

Call us today to schedule generator repairs for your Kohler generator.

Cummins Generator Repairs

Call Benchmark Electric when you need our expert technicians to troubleshoot and repair your Cummins Home Standby Generator.

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