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Whole House Standby Generators 

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Whole House Standby Generators

Benchmark Electric is an authorized dealer for Cummins Residential &  Commercial Generators. Always count on

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from the world leader in power generation products,

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Whole House Standby Generator Installation

Benchmark Electric, LLC is a Cordova-based Generator Shop specializing in turnkey standby generator installations. In addition, Benchmark is an authorized dealer for each of the top-three U.S. manufacturers of whole house generators, including:

Standby generator installations are handled exclusively by Benchmark Electric's factory trained professional technicians. Outside electrical contractors are never used.

Benchmark Electric only uses outside contractors when the work required is outside of their expertise (e.g., plumbing gas lines, concrete work, crane operators, etc.).

Most standby generator installations require a licensed electrician and plumber.

Whole House Generators

Whole house generators are connected to every circuit in the house and are sized to keep you comfortable throughout your home during summer and winter power outages. 

To accomplish connecting the generator to all house circuits, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) is connected to each main breaker panel. Homes with two or more main breaker panels will require an ATS for each panel. 

Now that the transfer switches are connected to each main breaker panel, the chosen standby generator must be able to maintain whole house electrical loads with all A/Cs starting and running along with other house loads also "on". Proper generator sizing is critical for whole house generators.

The big energy-consumers in most homes include:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Electric Heat
  • Electric Ovens
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Electric Hot Water Heaters

Consult a generator professional from Benchmark Electric to properly size a whole house generator for your home.


Partial House Backup Generators

Many homeowners are interested in covering "just the essentials". Enough to stay comfortable during an outage.

Here are a few of the more common essentials the pros at Benchmark Electric can connect to a home backup generator:

  • Fish Aquariums ← a popular request!
  • Refrigerator(s)
  • Freezer(s)
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Pot
  • Well Pump ← Important for having running water
  • Sump Pump ← Critical in preventing flooding
  • Home Health Care Medical Equipment
  • Gate Operator
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Gas Furnace Fan Blower Motors
  • Run 1-2 A/Cs (of 4+ A/C System)
  • Security System
  • TV / Cable / Satellite
  • Internet
  • 2-3 or more light circuits
  • and a host of unique circuits deemed "essential"

A 10-13kW should handle the other listed electrical loads above, excluding A/Cs. Step up to the Cummins RS20A for 20/18kW performance including the ability to start and run up to a 5-ton central air conditioning compressor.

Talk to a generator professional at Benchmark Electric for more information on partial house standby generators.

Portable Generators

Any portable generator can be safely connected to your house electrical panel without back-feeding over utility lines. So, don't worry about running extension cords in and out of doors and windows.

Benchmark Electric can connect your portable generator or supply you with a generator in sizes up to 17,500 watts. These higher wattage portables can power lights, TVs, laptops, refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners and some 2-stage, high-efficiency central air conditioning compressors.

Benchmark Electric will supply you with a generator cord of any desired length. Simply connect one end to the generator and the other end to the outdoor receptacle installed by Benchmark Electric's expert technician.

Why Are We Seeing So Many Power Outages?

Over 50 million Americans lost power for more than a day in 2003. The grid-failure impacted the northeast USA from Ohio to New York and a portion of Canada.

An already weak power grid grows weaker each year due to a growing population, new construction, and more frequent extreme weather.

According to an article posted in Inside Energy, the number of power outages doubles every 5-years and has been doing so for over two decades. That means there has been an 8-fold increase in power outages in the past 20-years, underscoring the need for backup generators for many homes and businesses.

2003 Grid Failure
50 Million Impacted in Northeast USA

How Many Power Outages Are You Experiencing?

Take our new poll and learn how your home stacks up against other poll respondents in the Memphis area. 

Poll results are based on participants in the poll. This new poll was posted July 28, 2018, so allow time for good results to begin to appear. 

Thank you for your participation!

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How Long Is A Typical Outage

Choose how long a typical outage lasts.

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The Cummins Product Line

Cummins Power Generation
and the Cummins RS20A

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Cummins RS20A

36"x37"x35" (LxWxH)

The Cummins Connect Series RS20A:

  • 20kW Output LPV; 18kW Output NG
  • Starts & runs a 5-ton A/C
  • Cummins V-Twin Engine
  • EPA Emissions Certified
  • Cummins Stator/Rotor Assembly
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Quiet Operation - 65d(B)A
  • Available 120/240V Single-Phase
  • 5-Year (or 2,000 hours) Limited Warranty

Provides whole house generator coverage for many smaller homes. The perfect application to run essential house circuits on a 200-Amp breaker panel, including plenty of power to start and run a 5-ton A/C.

Also available in 10kW models.

Cummins Power Connect Series

  • Affordable liquid-cooled whole house generators
  • Runs on natural gas or LP
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Cummins 2.4L, 4-Cylinder engine
  • 3600 RPM
  • Optional Level 2 Sound Kit
  • EPA Emissions Certified
  • Seismic Certified
  • NFPA 110 Capable with options
  • Cummins Stator / Rotor Assembly
  • Warranty 2-, 3-, or 5-years
  • All Voltages (higher kW models)
  • Available 30-60kW

Cummins Quiet Connect Series

  • Super Quiet Whole House Generators!
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Cummins 2.4L, 4-Cyl., 22-40kW
  • Cummins 5.9L, 6-Cyl., 50-100kW
  • Cummins 6.7L, 6-Cyl., 125-150kW
  • 1800 RPM All Models for Quiet Operation
  • EPA Emissions Certified
  • Seismic Certified
  • NFPA 110 Capable, with Options
  • Cummins Stator / Rotor Assembly
  • Warranty 2-, 3-, or 5-years
  • All Voltages (most models)
  • Available 22-150kW

Cummins RX30

Generator Shop Cordova TN Cummins Connect Series 002

72"x34"x45.5" (LxWxH)

Cummins RX36, RX40, RX45, RX50, & RX60

Generator Shop Cordova TN Cummins Connect Series

94"x34"x45.5" (LxWxH)

Generator Shop Cordova TN Cummins Diesel Connect Standby Generators

Cummins Connect Series Diesel - 10-150kW

  • Available 10-150kW
  • Standby or Prime Power Backup Generators
  • EPA Emissions Certified
  • Seismic Certified
  • NFPA 110 Capable, with Options
  • Cummins Stator / Rotor Assembly
  • 24-Hour Subbase Fuel Tank (larger tanks available)
  • Warranty: 2-, 3-, or 5-years
  • All Voltages


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