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Nesbit, Mississippi whole house standby generator installations are available from Benchmark Electric in Cordova.

Benchmark Electric also offers routine generator service and generator repairs in and around Nesbit, including Southaven, Horn Lake, Lake Cormorant, and all over DeSoto County.

Standby generator installations can be configured for whole house or partial-house coverage. Whole house generators need to be sized to carry A/C loads, electric heating, pool equipment, and all other house circuits. It's best to talk to a Benchmark Electric professional for advice on generator sizing.

An authorized dealer for Cummins Power Generation, Kohler Generators, and Generac, Benchmark Electric is a national top-selling dealer for Cummins Power Generation products. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Cummins and the popular Cummins RS20A for 2017.

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Standby Generator Installation Nesbit MS

The image above is the delivery and start of a standby generator installation for the Ewing family in Nesbit. The Ewing's chose the Cummins RS30 QuietConnect Series whole house generator because of the performance and reliable of Cummins equipment. The RS30 is quite possibly the quietest liquid-cooled generator on the market.

Standby generator installations in Nesbit MS are offered by Cordova-based Benchmark Electric. 

A standby generator comes in sizes from 10kW all the way to 150kW and higher. The professionals at Benchmark Electric can offer a range of solutions from covering just the essentials to whole house generator coverage.

Homeowners looking to cover the essentials often will want the generator to run the refrigerator, freezer, and other essentials like the TV, computer, Internet, and a few light circuits.  If you have multiple A/Cs and only need one A/C connected to the generator, the pros at Benchmark know how to connect the critical circuits to keep your family comfortable, regardless of outdoor temperatures in Nesbit.

Whole house generators can power all house circuits including air conditioning and heat. Consult a Benchmark Electric professional for proper generator sizing based on your specific needs and requirements. 

Check out the Cummins Power Generation product line or Benchmark Electric Customer Reviews by clicking the button below.

Generator Service

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Benchmark Electric recommends routine annual generator service to keep your home backup generator in tip-top shape.

The annual service routine includes an oil change, a new oil and air filter, and a fresh set of properly gapped spark plugs. After completing the annual generator service, our technician will shut down utility power and run the generator under house load for an hour while probing the generator for developing problems, if any.

Click here to learn more about generator service or call us to schedule your next generator service.

Generator Repairs

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Generator repairs are also offered by the Benchmark Electric generator shop.

Benchmark is an authorized dealer for Generac, Kohler Generators, and Cummins. Technicians attend factory training schools and followup recurrent training. The expert techs at Benchmark Electric are well-trained on each of the major generator brands.

After troubleshooting the problem generator, the technician may resolve the problem after a few adjustments. If replacement generator parts are required, allow 3-4 days for shipping. Overnight shipping is also available. 

Benchmark Electric will contact you after the part arrives and schedule completion of the generator repairs.

Click here to learn more about Generator Repairs or call Benchmark Electric at the number listed below.

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Solar Panel Installations in Nesbit, Mississippi

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Solar Energy Contractor Cordova TN Solar PV Installation Nesbit

Benchmark Electric is a seasoned Solar Energy Contractor and Solar Panel Installation Company serving residential and commercial customers in and around Nesbit, Mississippi.

While Benchmark Electric shops special deals and pallet pricing on quality solar panels, most solar panel installations will include panels from Canadian Solar, Solar World, and others.

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About Nesbit, Mississippi

Nesbit, Mississippi is located about 10-miles south of Memphis, Tennessee.

Home of the Bonne Terre Country Inn and Pine Ridge Christmas Tree Farm, the Nesbit community continues to grow as more folks escape the city in favor of a quiet, country setting.

If you crave blueberries, you need to check out the Nesbit Blueberry Plantation where you can pick your own blueberries. Or, call ahead and they will pick blueberries for you and have them ready when you arrive.



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