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Generator Shop Cordova TN - Marion Standby Generators

Marion standby generators and installations are available from Cordova-based Benchmark Electric. We also offer routine generator service and generator repairs in and around Marion and West Memphis. Authorized Dealer for:

  • Cummins Power Generation
  • Kohler Generators
  • Generac Power Systems

Standby generator installations are available for whole house coverage and in a range of sizes to fit any home. A smaller standby generator can connect just the essentials. Whole house generators truly keep the whole house comfortable. Air conditioners work during the summer season and heat furnaces work during colder weather. House lights, receptacles, laptops, and TVs work perfectly while dinner is warming in the oven. Partial house generators cover essentials like:

  • The Coffee Pot - the #1 essential, yes?
  • Medical Equipment
  • Aquariums
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Security System
  • 2-3 Light Circuits
  • TV
  • Computer & Internet
  • 1-2 A/Cs for larger homes with multiple A/Cs

Standby generators are available in a range of sizes and voltages to fit any application. Watch the video below for an introduction to Cummins and the new RS20A air-cooled generator.

Generator Service & Generator Repairs

Looking for a reliable and factory-trained technician to service or repair your standby generator? Call us for routine generator service and generator repairs in and around the West Memphis and Marion area. Our skilled generator technicians are trained on generators across all major U.S. manufacturers.

Warranty and non-warranty generator repairs are offered for:

  • Generac generator repairs
  • Guardian generator repairs
  • Centurion generator repairs
  • Honeywell generator repairs
  • Siemens generator repairs
  • Kohler generator repairs
  • Cummins generator repairs

Benchmark Electric also offers non-warranty repairs on Briggs and Stratton Home Generators and Olympian Generators.

Call Benchmark Electric to schedule your generator repair.

Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installations - Experienced Solar Panel Installer Serving Marion, Arkansas

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Benchmark Electric has been a solar energy contractor since 2012 and installs grid-tie photovoltaic PV solar panels for homes and businesses.

Solar energy is a free, clean energy source from the sun. PV panels have no moving parts and require little maintenance. Because the cost of solar has plummeted in recent years, turnkey installation pricing is much more affordable and payback schedules are faster.

Learn more about solar energy for your Marion, Arkansas home or business. Just click the blue button below.

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Generator Sales, Service & Repair:

  • Generac Whole House Standby Generators
  • Centurion Standby Generators
  • Honeywell Standby Generators
  • Guardian Standby Generators
  • Kohler Whole House Generators
  • Cummins Power Systems
  • Cummins Whole House Generators
  • Cummins RS20A
  • Cummins RS30
Generator Shop Cordova TN - Marion Standby Generators
Marion Standby Generators - Service & Repairs

Interesting Facts about Marion, Arkansas

Marion, Arkansas is just across the river from Memphis, Tennessee and is the county seat of Crittenden County, Arkansas.

According to the last census in 2010, Marion's population had grown almost 40% from the previous census boasting just over 12,000 residents.

Marion continues to grow and new neighborhoods populate the growing town along with new places to shop and dine. 

Residents of Marion, Arkansas enjoy the small town atmosphere while still very close to Memphis entertainment, shopping, and restaurants.

And while Memphis in May keeps downtown Memphis bustling throughout the month of May, Marion hosts the annual Esperanza Bonanza festival.

The festival features its own barbeque competition, games for the kids and fun-loving adults, live music, a rodeo and golf tournament.

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