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Generator Shop Cordova TN Authorized Standby Generator Dealer Hickory Withe

Whole house generators and turnkey installations in Hickory Withe, Tennessee are offered by Cordova-based Benchmark Electric.

We are a full-service Generator Shop featuring standby generators from Cummins Power Generation, Generac, and Kohler Generators.

Whole house generators need to be sized to handle all house electrical loads, including heating and air equipment. Turnkey whole house generator installations from Benchmark Electric include the generator, automatic transfer switch(es), and professional electrical and gas line connections.

The transfer switch monitors incoming utility power. When utility power fails, an engine start message is sent to the generator and power is restored throughout the house within about 10-seconds.

The transfer switch also monitors when utility power resumes and transfers power back to the utility company automatically while powering down the generator.

A top-selling national sales leader for Cummins Power Generation products, we're also a dealer for Kohler Generators and Generac.

Watch the video below to learn more about standby generators and how they operate during a power outage:

Generator Service & Repairs

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Standby Generator Service Hickory Withe

A standby generator requires periodic service and maintenance with manufacturers recommending generator service annually or every 100-hours of engine run time. 

Generator Service includes:

  • oil & filter change
  • air filter
  • properly gapped spark plugs
  • 1-Hour generator run under house load

After servicing your home standby generator, your Benchmark Electric technician will simulate a utility power outage and run the generator under house load as the generator is probed for developing problems. The goal is to keep your generator in top shape so it will continue to perform during extended power outages. 

If you happen to experience 3-4 day power outage, it's a good idea to have Benchmark Electric do the annual service following the outage since you may have run the generator 100-hours or longer since the last annual.

Generator Repairs are also offered by Benchmark Electric, including warranty repairs for:

  • Generac Repairs
  • Honeywell Generator Repairs
  • Siemens Generator Repairs
  • Centurion Generator Repairs
  • Guardian Generator Repairs
  • Kohler Generator Repairs
  • Cummins Generator Repairs

We also offer off-warranty generator repairs for Briggs and Stratton Home Generators.

Call us today and get your next annual generator service scheduled. Or, let us know if your generator is in need of repair.

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  • Honeywell Standby Generators
  • Guardian Standby Generators
  • Kohler Whole House Generators
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