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Hernando, Mississippi standby generators and turnkey standby generator installations are available from Benchmark Electric in Cordova.

Our Generator Shop features standby generators from the top three U.S. generator manufacturers:

In addition, we offer annual generator service and generator repairs in and around Hernando, Mississippi including Horn Lake, Southaven, and Olive Branch.

Standby Generator Installations in Hernando

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  • Best Range of Standby Generators from Cummins, Kohler, & Generac

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Standby generators are available in a wide range of sizes, each designed to fit the needs of homeowners. A small 8-10kW automatic standby generator can run the essentials. Circuits like the refrigerator, the freezer in the garage, and fan blower motors to distribute heat from gas-fired furnaces during the winter season. 

Other homeowners may be more concerned about supplying constant electricity to medical equipment in the home. Risking a power outage could be life-threatening.

Whole house generators are connected to every house circuit, so it's important to size the generator properly. Generator sizing is best left to a competent professional. Benchmark Electric can offer professional guidance in sizing a generator around your needs and budget.

A top-selling dealer for Cummins Residential & Commercial Standby Generators, Benchmark Electric invites you to stop by its Generator Shop in Cordova for a live demonstration of any home standby generator from Cummins Power Generation.

Watch the short video below to learn more about standby generators from Cummins Power Generation.

Hernando Generator Service

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Now that you have a standby generator for your Hernando, Mississippi home, it's important to keep it serviced at least once a year (or, after 100-hours of engine time). 

During the annual generator service routine, your Benchmark Electric technician will change the engine oil, install a new oil filter and air filter. The backup generator will also sport a new set of properly gapped spark plugs to assure a good start and smooth engine run.

After the generator is serviced, the generator tech will also shut down utility power to your home and run the generator under house load for an hour. The tech will need to observe the operation of the backup generator while probing for any developing problems. 

Benchmark Electric technicians will treat your standby generator with attention and care. The ultimate goal is to deliver professional service and, in the end, a generator ready to perform during a utility power outage.

Generator service is offered for:

  • Generac Generators
  • Honeywell Generators
  • Siemens Generators
  • Guardian Generators
  • Centurion Generators
  • Olympian Generators
  • Kohler Generators
  • Cummins Generators

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Generator Repairs

  • Fast, Accurate Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Best Parts Availability for Cummins, Generac, and Kohler 

  • Best Generac Repairs

  • Skilled Generator Technicians Trained at Generac, Kohler, and Cummins


If your generator has a problem, Benchmark Electric can offer you warranty and non-warranty generator repairs for Generac, Cummins Power Generation, and Kohler Generators. 

Benchmark's generator service technicians are trained on generators across the major brands. It's not uncommon for these techs to quickly recognize a problem after a bit of time troubleshooting your standby generator.

Benchmark Electric stocks a few of the more common parts.  Ordering generator parts usually involve 2-3 days for ground shipping. Overnight shipping is also available upon request.

Upon receipt of the needed generator part, Benchmark Electric will call you to schedule completion of generator repairs.

Benchmark Electric also offers warranty generator repairs for Generac, Honeywell, Centurian, Guardian, Kohler, and Cummins standby generators.

Cordova Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installations in Hernando, Mississippi

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Cordova-based Benchmark Electric is also an experienced Solar Energy Contractor and Solar Panel Installer serving residential and commercial customers in and around Hernando and elsewhere in DeSoto County.

Solar panel prices have dropped and offer a unique opportunity for homeowners to take advantage of faster paybacks and lower utility bills.

Benchmark Electric shops for pallet ordering special pricing from Canadian Solar, German manufacturer Solar World, and more.

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Generator Sales, Service & Repair:

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  • Honeywell Standby Generators
  • Guardian Standby Generators
  • Kohler Whole House Generators
  • Cummins Power Systems
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  • Cummins RS20A
  • Cummins RS30

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