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There are a number of Germantown neighborhood subject to frequent power outages. Probably a bit more frequent than desired.

Standby generators can be sized to run the entire house. Whole house generators need to be able to provide ample electrical power for air conditioning loads, electric clothes dryers, electric ovens, and electric hot water heaters. Normal house light and receptacle circuits count too, but the 220-volt appliance circuits and A/C loads are critical considerations in generator sizing.

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Fortunately, economical air-cooled generators feature automatic load management capabilities enabling homeowners to enjoy whole house or nearly whole house coverage without breaking the bank. Some air-cooled generators are powerful enough to start and run a 5-ton A/C along with other house circuits.

The line of generators from Cummins Power Generation are arguably among the most reliable generators on the market. The video below introduces you to Cummins Engines and Generators, including the popular Cummins RS20A.

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Routine generator service for your home standby generator in Germantown, Tennessee, is just a simple telephone call away.

You can always rely on Benchmark Electric to offer expert generator service for just about any U.S. generator manufacturer. Benchmark Electric is an authorized dealer for:

Benchmark's skilled technicians can perform generator service for the follow generator manufacturers and brands:

  • Generac Generators
  • Honeywell Generators
  • Siemens Generators
  • Centurion Generators
  • Guardian Generators
  • Briggs and Stratton Home Generators
  • Kohler Generators
  • Cummins Power Generation

If your home standby generator is not listed above, call Benchmark Electric to find out if your generator is eligible for service.

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There's nothing worse than experiencing a power outage because of a broken generator. 

When properly equipped, generator problems can be sent to your smartphone, email, or via text message. Stay ahead of generator problems with generator monitoring from Benchmark Electric.

Click here to learn more about Generator Monitoring.

Benchmark Electric offers repairs, including warranty repairs for:

  • Generac Repairs
  • Guardian Generator Repairs
  • Centurion Generator Repairs
  • Honeywell Generator Repairs
  • Siemens Generator Repairs
  • Kohler Generator Repairs
  • Cummins Generator Repairs

Briggs and Stratton generator repairs are handled off-warranty by Benchmark Electric.

Dial our office at (901)590-4968 to schedule a troubleshooting call.  

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Solar Panel Installations in Germantown, Tennessee

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Interest in solar energy is at the tipping point of exploding in Germantown, Memphis, and throughout the Mid-South area. 

Imagine having a power plant on your rooftop producing enough electricity to wipe out your entire electric bill! 

Imagine also a power plant requiring little or no maintenance. Now we're talking!

Last, take a moment to imagine all of that free energy collected from the sun is produced and delivered to the grid at no cost to you. Sure, there is an investment in erecting the power plant. After the power plant is properly installed, there are no added production costs related to the delivery of newly created energy to the grid.

TVA customers are paid "retail rates" for electricity delivered to the grid from your solar array. For example, if you currently pay MLGW a retail rate of, say, 9.8 cents per kWh, TVA will credit your electric bill 9.8 cents for each kWh your solar array delivers to the grid.

If your system produces roughly half of what you consume each month, your solar array will cut your electric bill by half from the start.

TVA will permit you to build a rooftop or ground-mount solar array equal in size but not larger than the total kWh consumed by your home on an annual basis. 

Your monthly utility bill will include total kWh billed for each month. The annual total kWh consumed by your home is also the largest solar array TVA will allow you to build.

Learn more about Solar Energy from Benchmark Electric when you click the button below. Better still,  call Benchmark Electric at (901)590-4968 for a free, in-home consultation and estimate. 

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