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Eudora, Mississippi backup generators and standby generator installations are available from Benchmark Electric, the Mid-South's premier generator dealer.

Benchmark Electric also offers generator service and generator repairs in and around Eudora, including Hernando, Horn Lake, Southaven and much of north Mississippi.

Eudora Backup Generators &
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Generator Shop Cordova TN - Authorized Standby Generator Dealer serving Eudora MS

Backup generators can run essential circuits or the whole house. Either way, standby generator installations from Benchmark Electric assure a quality installation and a perfect fit for your family.

A backup generator keeps your life running without missing a beat when high winds and storms result in downed power lines and wide-spread outages in and around Eudora, Mississippi. A standby generator will restore power to connected circuits in about 10-seconds.

The generator will power connected circuits continuously throughout the outage when connected to natural gas or LP. Diesel generators are also available from Benchmark Electric.

Standby generator installations in Eudora from Benchmark are top-quality. Positive reviews can be found on Angie's List, Google, and Facebook. We've compiled the reviews right here on this website.

Check out the Cummins Power Generation product line or Benchmark Electric Reviews by clicking a button below.

Be sure to call Benchmark Electric for a free estimate or to learn more about backup generators and standby generator installations in Eudora.

Generator Service in Eudora MS

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Generator Shop Cordova TN - Eudora MS Generator Service & Repairs

Generator manufacturers encourage owners of backup generators to have the equipment serviced by a professional at least once a year.

Benchmark Electric offers Eudora, Mississippi homeowners a great money-saving tip when scheduling your annual generator service. Customers who prepay receive a 10%+ discount and the service is scheduled automatically once a year.

The generator battery needs to be exchanged for a new battery every two years. Benchmark Electric has seen too many battery failures after just 2-1/2 - 3-years. It's no fun experiencing a power outage when the generator is down due to a dead battery.

Click to learn more about generator service from Benchmark Electric or call (901)590-4968 to schedule your next generator service.

Generator Repairs

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Standby Generator Service

We offer a fast response when it comes to generator repairs for our routine service customers. You can always rely on prompt, quality generator repairs from an experienced and trained technician. 

A dealer for Cummins, Kohler, and Generac, Our service technicians are among the best experienced and trained in the Mid-South. Each technician is well-schooled on standby generators across the major models and brands.

Most generator problems are quickly recognized by our expert technician. If replacement parts are required, overnight shipping is available. Ground shipping typically requires 3-4 days.

When your generator parts order has been received, we will contact you to schedule completion of the generator repair.

Warranty Repairs are also available for:

  • Generac repairs
  • Honeywell Generator repairs
  • Centurion Generator repairs
  • Guardian Generator repairs
  • Kohler Generator repairs
  • Cummins Generator repairs

Off-warranty repairs are also offered for Briggs and Stratton standby generators.

Cordova Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installer Serving Eudora, Mississippi

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Benchmark is also an experienced Solar Energy Contractor and Solar Panel Installer serving residential and commercial customers in and around Eudora, MS, and across DeSoto County.

Solar panel prices have dropped and offer a unique opportunity for homeowners to take advantage lower solar panel installations, lower utility bills, and faster paybacks.

For more information on solar panel installations in Eudora, click the button below.

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Generator Sales, Service & Repair:

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  • Centurion Standby Generators
  • Honeywell Standby Generators
  • Guardian Standby Generators
  • Kohler Whole House Generators
  • Cummins Power Systems
  • Cummins Whole House Generators
  • Cummins RS20A
  • Cummins RS30

Eudora, Mississippi

Eudora, Mississippi is located in southwest DeSoto County, about 25-miles south of Memphis, Tennessee.

While Eudora's population has remained steady over its long history, new home construction has been seen in recent years. 

It will be interesting to watch Eudora's growth over coming years. Eudora is only 10-miles from the casinos and city-dwellers seeking a quiet country setting might check available land in and around Eudora.

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