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Whole House & Partial-House Standby Generator Installations in Drummonds, Tennessee are offered by Benchmark Electric in Cordova.

Power outages are not just a nuisance. Power outages can be life-threatening to homeowners with medical equipment requiring constant power. 

Let's face it, power outages are on the rise. The rate of power outages doubles every five years. So, it's only going to get worse with time.

The Mid-South sees a good portion of all four seasons. Summers are hot and humid, and winters are cold.

Standby generator installations from Benchmark Electric can keep your home warm and cozy during the winter and cool and comfortable during the heat of summer.

Read more on standby generator installations below or, better yet, call Benchmark Electric today to schedule a free in-home consultation and free estimate.

Owners of standby generators can also reach out to Benchmark Electric for generator repairs and routine generator service. 

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Backup standby generator installations in Drummonds can be configured in a range of sizes from off-grid and Tiny Homes up to 20,000 square foot mansions, or hospitals, airports, jails, and prisons. 

Homeowners looking for whole house generators should consult the pros at Benchmark Electric for proper generator sizing. It can be a big mistake to use a smaller generator without proper programmable load management. Proper programming and load shedding prevent accidental generator overloads and shutdowns during an outage.  

Benchmark Electric has excellent residential and commercial generator installation experience with experienced technicians trained at Cummins, Generac, and Kohler.

Check out the Cummins Power Generation product line or Benchmark Electric Customer Reviews by selecting a button below.

Generator Service
Drummonds, Tennessee

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Routine generator service is a must-do item to assure reliable generator response and performance during a power outage.

Benchmark Electric's expert generator service technicians are experienced electricians with extensive training and hands-on expertise in generator service and generator repairs.

Benchmark Electric technicians will simulate a power outage and run the house under generator power for an hour while probing the generator for deteriorating parts or developing problems.

If a problem is developing, Benchmark Electric will bring it to your attention.

Most inspections work out fine with no obvious problems in the works. Benchmark Electric technicians consider this "major generator service" including a thorough probe for developing problems if any.

Call Benchmark Electric today to schedule your next generator service. Dial (901)590-4968 and be sure to ask about the prepayment discount program.

Generator Repairs in Drummonds, TN

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Generator repairs will require an initial troubleshooting call to accurately and quickly determine the source of the problem.

It isn't unusual for a Benchmark Electric expert generator technician to make on the spot adjustments and repairs. The tech will test and run the generator multiple times. Also, the technician will simulate a power outage by disconnecting utility power. 

If a Benchmark Electric tech deems your generator is now responding and set in standby mode, you are good to go.

Sometimes generator repairs require a replacement part that needs to be shipped from the factory. If so, ground shipping requires 3-4 days. Overnight shipping is also available.

Benchmark Electric considers your standby generator a top priority when it comes to generator repairs. Who knows when the next storm will knock down power lines and widespread power outages?

If your home standby generator is in need of repair, call Benchmark Electric for expert troubleshooting and repair.

Cordova Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installations in Drummonds, Tennessee

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Solar Energy produces free electrical energy fed to the grid or to an off-grid battery array.

The cost of solar a short time ago was still very high. Solar pricing has made a steady downward trend over the years before leveling recently. And who knows the direction of the next pricing trend?

Benchmark Electric has lowered the cost of turnkey solar installation by some 25 percent just in the last year. Payback schedules now range as low as 12-years.

More costly installations may result in paybacks over a longer period. Ground mount solar installations are considerably more costly than roof mounted solar arrays. The ground mount supporting structure should be in concrete footings and extensive trenching is required. 

Ground mount arrays are often used when rooftop arrays are not practical due to shading. If available real estate exists, larger solar arrays are possible with ground mount systems. Rooftop arrays are restricted by available roof space to mount the solar panels. 

For more information on Solar Energy, click the button below.

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