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Benchmark Electric is your source for expert standby generator installations and generator service and repairs in Covington, Tennessee.

Cordova-based Benchmark Electric is an authorized dealer for three of the nation's top three generator manufacturers, including Generac, Kohler Generators, and Cummins Power Generation.

Watch the brief video below for an introduction to Cummins, a world leader in power generation products.

Standby Generator Installations

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The number of power outages across the nation doubles every five years as new homes and buildings use electricity from an already weak power grid. 

A standby generator limits future power outages to a mere 10-seconds because that's how quickly generator power is restored to connected house circuits. When utility power is finally restored, the generator will switch power back to the utility and begin to power down the generator.

Automatic standby generators can be connected to just a few essential circuits or the whole house. Whole house generators are connected to every electrical circuit in your home, including heating and cooling systems.

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Standby generators require routine service and maintenance, similar to your automobile.

Annual generator service is recommended at a minimum or every 100-hours.

Generator Shop Cordova TN Generator Service Covington

So, if your standby generator runs continuously during, say, a 4-day outage, it will be important to have the generator serviced following the outage.

To learn more about generator service for your standby generator, call us at (901)590-4968 to schedule your next generator service.

Generator Repairs

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Did you know you can get a head-start on generator repairs when your generator is equipped with remote monitoring capabilities?

A generator remote monitoring device will notify generator owners immediately when problems

Generator Shop Cordova TN - Covington TN Standby Generator Generator Service & Repairs

develop. Immediate notifications of possible generator problems provide owners of standby generators ample time to contact Benchmark Electric for generator troubleshooting and repairs before the next power outage.

It's always best to learn about a problem early before the next power outage.

Generator repairs are a top-priority item for Benchmark Electric. Expect a fast response and a skilled generator service technician to troubleshoot and repair your standby generator. If its also time for generator service, Benchmark can get your standby generator tuned and ready for the next power outage.

Benchmark Electric offers:

  • Generac Generator Repairs
  • Centurion Generator Repairs
  • Honeywell Generator Repairs
  • Guardian Generator Repairs
  • Kohler Generator Repairs
  • Cummins Generator Repairs

Learn more about generator monitoring and generator repairs by clicking the button below or, call Benchmark Electric at (901)590-4968 to schedule a troubleshooting call today.

Cordova Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installations in Covington, Tennessee

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Rooftop solar panel installations by Benchmark Electric is like putting a power-plant on your roof. Solar requires little or no maintenance and collects free solar energy from the sun. Solar energy from the sun is converted into electrical energy and fed to the grid.

Homeowners receive energy-credits on monthly utility bills. If inflation forces utility rates higher, utility credits will range higher in lockstep.

Solar panels have no moving parts, so maintenance is limited to washing off panels in the Spring when pollen collects on surfaces. Or, wait for a rainy day.

Pricing has dropped significantly in recent years. Benchmark Electric's turnkey installation pricing has dropped 25% from just a year ago!

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