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Collierville, Tennessee homeowners tired of frequent neighborhood black-outs and power outages should look no further than the pros at Benchmark Electric for quality standby generator installations.

Benchmark Electric is an authorized dealer for three of top generator manufacturers: Cummins Power Generation, Kohler Generators, and Generac. Benchmark's favored brand is Cummins. If your favorite is Kohler or Generac, please let Benchmark know. Benchmark Electric is happy to install, service, and maintain a new home standby generator of your choice.

As a full-service generator dealer for the three leading generator manufacturers, Benchmark Electric offers warranty and out-of-warranty generator repairs and routine generator service.

The brief video below introduces you to a variety of standby generator installations including partial house and whole house generator coverage.

Standby Generator Installations

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Standby Generator Installation Germantown

A standby backup generator can be sized to run the entire house or just the essentials. Either way, Benchmark Electric has the perfect standby generator to fit your needs.

A backup generator keeps your life running without disruption when foul weather and downed power lines result in wide-spread outages in Collierville. Your standby generator will restore power to connected circuits in 10-seconds or less.

Check out the Cummins Power Generation product line or Benchmark Electric Reviews by clicking the button below.

Generator Service

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Generator Shop Cordova TN - Collierville TN Standby Generator Service & Repairs

It's important to keep a standby generator serviced routinely because you want it to respond according to plan during a utility power outage. 

Manufacturers recommend major service at least annually or every 100-hours of engine run time. So, if you go through a 4-day outage, it's a good time to have Benchmark Electric complete a major service on the generator to make sure it's ready to perform during the next outage.

During the annual service routine, Benchmark Electric technicians complete a checklist of service items. The major items include an oil change, new oil filter, new air filter, and properly gapped spark plugs to assure a good start.

In addition, the technician will simulate a power outage and run the generator under house load for an hour while onsite. The goal here is to observe the operation of the generator while probing for any developing problems. 

Benchmark Electric will treat your equipment with attention and care. The ultimate goal is to deliver professional service and, in the end, a working generator ready to perform during a power outage.

Call Benchmark Electric today to schedule your next annual generator service.

Generator Repairs

  • Fast, Accurate Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Best Parts Availability for Generac, Kohler, and Cummins

  • Skilled Generator Technicians Trained at Generac, Kohler, and Cummins

Generator Shop Cordova TN - Authorized Standby Generator Dealer serving Collierville TN

We offer expert troubleshooting and generator repairs for most manufacturers. 

After troubleshooting your standby generator, most generator problems are quickly recognized by our expert technician.

Some repairs can be made during the troubleshooting call. If replacement parts need to be ordered, allow 2-3 days for ground shipping. Overnight shipping is available upon request.

When the part arrives from the factory, Benchmark Electric will contact you to schedule installation of the replacement part.

Warranty generator repairs available for:

  • Generac repairs
  • Centurion repairs
  • Guardian repairs
  • Honeywell generator repairs
  • Siemens generator repairs
  • Kohler generator repairs
  • Cummins generator repairs

Off-warranty repairs are also offered by Benchmark Electric for Briggs and Stratton Home Generators.

Cordova Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installations in Collierville, Tennessee

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Put a power plant on the roof of your Collierville home with solar panel installations by Benchmark Electric. 

Benchmark Electric is an experienced Solar Energy Contractor serving residential and commercial customers in Collierville.

Take advantage of price drops in solar and begin harvesting free energy from the Sun.


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