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Arlington and Lakeland Tennessee homeowners and business owners needing backup power rely on the pros at Benchmark Electric for a quality backup generator installation. Benchmark's generator shop also offers routine generator service and generator repairs for Arlington and Lakeland homeowners.

In addition to backup generator installations, Benchmark Electric also offers full-service generator repairs and routine generator service.

One of the top-selling dealers for Cummins Power Generation products, Benchmark is also a dealer for Kohler Generators and Generac Power Systems.

The short video below introduces viewers to Cummins and provides an introduction to the popular and affordable Cummins RS20A.

Backup Generator Installations

  • Professional Backup Generator Installations by Factory-Trained Technicians

  • Best Choice of Backup Generators from Cummins, Kohler, and Generac

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Generator Shop Cordova TN Standby Generator Installation Germantown

Backup generator installations by Benchmark Electric are receiving high marks from customers. You should check-out the customer reviews and video testimonials from Benchmark's happy customers. Just click the button below to read the reviews.

Standby generators from Cummins Power Generation can be sized to run a few essentials or the entire house.

Arlington and Lakeland homeowners can use a smaller, more affordable air-cooled generator to cover essential circuits like the freezer and refrigerator, garage door opener, security system, medical equipment, and the fan blower motor for your gas furnace.

Whole house generators need to be sized to accommodate all house loads including heating and cooling systems. A professional from Benchmark Electric can help homeowners and businesses properly size a whole house generator appropriate to the needs of the customer.

For more information on backup generator installations from Benchmark Electric, click the button below where you can view the various generator models available from Cummins. You will also find a number of brief informational videos so, we encourage you to take a look.

Generator Service

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  • Benchmark Electric Services All Generator Makes & Models

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Generator Shop Cordova TN - Arlington TN Standby Generator Service & Repairs

All manufacturers of standby generators recommend annual generator service at a minimum. Commercial and industrial sites might require semi-annual or quarterly generator inspections. Monthly inspections are typical for prime power generator applications.

Most residential customers require only annual generator service and Benchmark Electric has a discounted Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) available to all new customers. The prepaid plan offers annual generator service at significant savings since call-in customers pay the usual (higher) rate.

For more information on Routine Generator Service from Benchmark Electric, visit our generator shop online on the Main Menu above. Or call (901)590-4968 to schedule a generator service appointment.

Generator Repairs

  • Generator Troubleshooting & Generator Repairs by Trained Pros

  • Best Availability of Parts for Generac, Cummins, and Kohler

  • Great Reviews!


Benchmark Electric offers warranty and off-warranty generator repairs for Arlington, Tennessee homeowners owning a Generac, Kohler, or Cummins standby generator.

Generator Shop Cordova TN Standby Generator Repairs

Benchmark Offers the Following Generator Repairs:

  • Generac repairs
  • Centurion repairs
  • Honeywell generator repairs
  • Guardian generator repairs
  • Kohler generator repairs
  • Cummins generator repairs

Most replacement parts for standby generators are available for immediate ground shipping to Benchmark's Generator Shop in Cordova. Overnight shipping is also available.

Benchmark Electric will contact you by telephone after the part arrives so we can schedule completion of your standby generator repairs.

For more information on standby generator repairs, click the button below or, better still, call Benchmark Electric to schedule a troubleshooting call.

Cordova Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installations in Arlington, Tennessee

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Benchmark Electric is also an experienced Solar Energy Contractor and Solar Panel Installer serving residential and commercial customers in Arlington and Lakeland, TN.

Lower pricing on solar panels creates a unique opportunity for homeowners to take advantage of faster paybacks and lower utility bills.

For more information on Solar Energy, click the button below.

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Generator Sales, Service & Repair:

  • Generac Whole House Standby Generators
  • Centurion Standby Generators
  • Honeywell Standby Generators
  • Guardian Standby Generators
  • Kohler Whole House Generators
  • Cummins Power Systems
  • Cummins Whole House Generators
  • Cummins RS20A
  • Cummins RS30
Generator Shop Cordova TN - Authorized Standby Generator Dealer serving Arlington TN

Interesting Facts about Arlington, Tennessee

Arlington, Tennessee is a quiet suburb just northeast of Memphis that has maintained its small-town appeal for nearly two centuries.

Settlers founded the area in 1830 and a number of the original descendants still live in Arlington!

Originally known as Haysville, the town was named after its original landowner, Samuel Jackson Hays.

Some 250 folks populated Haysville back in 1856. The population of Arlington as of the 2010 census was just over 11,500.

A post office came to the town in 1883. Unfortunately, the post office was not able to use the name Haysville. 

The town was renamed Arlington to satisfy the post office.

Source: Wikipedia

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